Richman Foundation Mission/ Vision: To become an empowered dynamic effective and vibrant organization by inculcating the core values of humanity to create a healthy, compassionate and responsive world. Rooted in peace, love, justice, and trust, a respect for the dignity of life and spirit of hope.
Richman Foundation partners with people – especially the unwanted, uncared, and unloved to help them to achieve their full potential.
A Global Richman Mission to educate, inspire, and change the world which will be a catalyst to achieve the United Nations 17th Sustainable Development Goals 2030.
Richman Foundation Objective: Dr. Jin Wu, the “Joy of Giving” Mission to Millions” where orphans around the world receive unexpected “gifts.” Gifts in the form of free meals, quality education through programs/ schemes. Rehabilitating and developing orphans, semi-orphans, destitute, and other disadvantaged and destitute through appropriate programs/ educational schemes.
The Richman Free Meal Program provides free meals to the orphans and the less privileged. This program would enable them to remain free from hunger and give them enough strength to lead a life without stress. The sole aim of this free meal program is to provide free food to the hungry and free them from clutches of starvation.
With the help of industry leaders and educators specialists, we organize teaching Guidance programs for orphans to help them in their human values and enhance their sense of social responsibility. Human values are closely integrated with human life. In order to inculcate human values especially among children and young adults, the Richman New Life Program was envisioned. Through this program, we strive to educate children about positive values such as Honesty, Compassion, Love, etc., and remove negative values as well as there is a need to inculcate ethical values in them to help each other and promote good intentions in the interest of humanity.
One of the programs we partnered with educator specialist- Global Empowerment Movement via SyncFlow, in short GEMS, to stop fear, spread love during Covid19 and beyond.
We are on a mission to empower ourselves to empower others. We aim to reach 1 million people worldwide through this program, a global community for peace, abundance, prosperity, love, and joy.
All I need is 1 minute from you.
It’s 4 simple steps
Step 1 SMILE
Step 2 LOVE (Feel Love)
Step 3 FLOW
(SMILE)- Open your heart to love.
(LOVE)- Put your hands crossed in front of your heart and feel the love from the heart.
(FLOW)- Send this love to the people/animals/things/thoughts you want to empower.
(FORWARD)- Forward this practice to as many people you know to give them the power to empower.
The Richman Foundation founded by Jin Wu embarks on the Noble Mission to spread love among the poor and bring them to the mainstream of life to embrace Universal Brotherhood. The Foundation is dedicated to achieving extraordinary improvements in human life. It strives to “promote the well-being of humanity” in all aspects. – Dr. Jin Wu, Founder & President of Richman Foundation.