High- Quality Standards- Compliant Surgical Masks (Made in Singapore 50pcs/box)

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The surgical masks are made in a world-class facility supplying surgical masks with the highest level certifications and manufactured in a clean room facility and to obtain all the required standards – not just machines put into a factory.


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Gratitude Mask by Richman Foundation
Sowing Seeds of Gratitude to Cultivate Wellbeing. Gratitude, happiness, love, peace, kindness and compassion is a vital attribute of our wellbeing. Gratitude is a healing, fulfilling, uplifting experience that shifts us from focusing on the negative to appreciating what is positive in our lives, improve our health and be in abundance. Sow 3 seeds of gratitude and pay it forward.

High- Quality Standards- Compliant Surgical Masks Made in Singapore for Singapore
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BFE ≥ 99% Surgical Masks
PFE ≥ 99% Surgical Masks