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Richman Luxury is proud to support LCCS for the Restorative Movement and badge4change. Restoration through making things right with self & others. A Big Thank You to Lutheran Community Care Services (LCCS) for the 10th Charity Golf Tournament 2019 and Dinner.

This year’s fundraising event theme is centred upon ‘Building Connected Communities’ to promote strengthening and restoring

relationships between individuals in communities.

Richman Luxury supports Lutheran Community Care Services (LCCS) in the Restorative Movement because time is best spend building purposeful relationships.


Promoting Education, Alleviate Poverty.
Richman Luxury Jin Wu is proud to be a partner with ACC Singapore.

Join Founder of Richman Luxury Jin Wu in the “Hundreds of Beneficence” initiative.
Gather 100 people and construct a building for use as a dormitory or school facility for the children.
ACC provides a safe place for vulnerable children, which includes children’s dormitories, schools, dining room, and kitchen.

1. Building a loving and warm home for the children.
2. Providing vulnerable children with a good learning environment
3. Welcome to ACC Africa Campuses

If you are able to help, you could fund the construction of a school for the children, and all the 100 builders’ names will be crafted on the school notice board.

Let’s provide a home to vulnerable African children and a conducive environment for education and learning. Allowing every child to grow up in a safe and caring learning environment every day.

In 54 countries in Africa, there are thousands of orphans facing the problems of disease and hunger. Many of them do not have a place to stay. The Amitofo Care Centre (ACC) has established ACCs in Malawi, Lesotho, Eswatini, Namibia, Mozambique, and Madagascar.

The ACC hopes to raise more funds to extend the construction of boarding schools and Yuan Tong Schools all over Africa, so as to accommodate more displaced and vulnerable children.

Join me in this meaningful project to build a school for the orphans in Africa.
DM me with your name and contact if u love to be part of building the school with me together.

“Care Without Boundaries!”

With a grateful heart,
Dr. Jin Wu
Founder of Richman Luxury
Founder of Richman Foundation
World Peace Award 2020

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