Dr. Vivian Passion Koh, Ambassador of Richman Watch Winder

About Dr. Vivian Passion Works:

  • TKS Mrs Singapore Asia Pacific 2019
  • TKS Ms Elegance 2019
  • TKS Crown of Compassion 2020
  • Richman Watch Winder Brand Ambassador
  • Model for Richman Watch Winder Commercial Advertisement
  • Dr. Intelligences, Dermatoglyphics Analysis – A personality and learning profiling program that helps one discover their inborn talents, chartering a path to unlock and develop their full potential.
  • Founder of International Education Council Pte Ltd (to accredit education programs and services) and Creator of Vision Board Movement – A pay it forward movement that helps individuals to create a vision of their dreams through drawings, words and storytelling.
  • Founder of World Business Group (Business ecosystem)
  • SyncFlow – A lifestyle movement that helps Individuals/Businesses to achieve breakthroughs in minutes, through the promotion of natural living.
  • Richman & Ms Elegance Foundation (Lifestyle design for “Stuck” individuals, orphanages and education for developing countries, food donation for the animal shelter, animal protection and conservation globally)
  • Founder of Pay Kindness Forward 2020. The Pay Kindness Forward intends to begin work on spreading acts of kindness including the 17 Global Sustainable Development Goals that are core to our community with a targeted completion date in 2030. Giving is Living. Join RichmanKind and Vivian Passion for a weekly dose of kindness in Singapore, she be sending out a Feel Good message to inject some sunshine into the week on Pay Kindness Forward.
  • Author of Best- Selling Inspirational Book “Yes I Can.”
  • Honorary Doctorate in Philanthropy, St Mother Teresa University

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